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Chicken Scratch

The world has lost its appreciation for a great skill and a sincere form of individual expression – handwriting.

With the advent of the computer, word processing has become the standard for all formal writing. Very seldom will you have the honor to receive a handwritten letter or invitation. It is because of this scarcity that certain handwritten communication now holds the highest value. But what can be said of all the rest of the handwritten nothingness out there? Surely the hastily written scribbles left on a sticky note or a white board calendar can not count.  It is the love letters, the letters of recognition, the forms of communication that carry heavier messages than can be expressed with a computerized font, that earn the extra merit. It’s more personal, more heart felt, an overall better expression of communication than that of something typed and we appreciate it.

In a world full of opinions and (cough) bloggers, we are all robbed of the vital information contained in one’s handwriting. If my kind, wonderful, lovely but bubbly blond fiance decides to reply to a blurb somewhere on the interweb, we deserve to see the bubbled, girly, fun but not that thoughtful handwriting in which she would write it!

What about the guy insulting you’re research article with invalid data and moronic theories? Wouldn’t it be nice to see if the person is at least fully literate with some level of sophistication? Would his points not be more accurately received if they were taken in the context of misspellings and scrappy penmanship?

I’m not saying we need to go around judging everyone by their handwriting. At least not fully. I know plenty of you out there are squirming in your desk chairs thinking about what your own handwriting looks like, or worse, how badly you would spell without the nice red underline automatically covering your butt. It’s an atrocity but also not entirely our fault. We’ve been trained that handwriting doesn’t matter. As long as you can type it, boom you have the most legible handwriting available.

I just think its all blending together. We can choose our words and we choose fonts but its the perfection of a computerized font that takes away from the expression of the writer. Our handwriting has a natural rhythm that you can see and it is injected there by the mood or feeling that the writer wishes to express.

Call me regressive, but I think its time for our “writers” to actually start publishing what they physically write.

As a tribute to this sentiment, I will start uploading at least one post per month in my own handwriting. Perhaps then, we may all judge the worth of this completely useless rant.




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